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Aug 27, 2021

**Trigger warning - this episode MIGHT make you feel hungry!**

Now with 100% more REAL Bajan fish cakes!

This episode is the launch of a series of food and drink themed episodes we're putting together in collaboration with the brilliant Hungry Barbados.

With all the site visits to places like Hunte's Gardens and Mount Gay, Yvonne's been feeling a bit hungry, so this episode's very Bajan food themed!

She started out by setting off on a food tour with Ezra Quintyne. As he mentions in the episode, you can contact him by emailing him.

During this episode, Yvonne experienced some excellent foodie indulgence at Pappa Jacks, and tucked into some chicken and rum punch!

Here are some useful links for you to check out, as featured in the episode:

Cuz Cutters

Mapps Rotisserie Chicken

Carlton Bar and Grill

Palm Terrace Restaurant at Fairmont Royal Pavilion 

A Touch of Jazz

Useful link NOT featured in the episode:

Bajan superstar Rihanna's own cod fish cake recipe.

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