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Have you ever dreamed of living on a paradise island? It's a common goal for many around the world, and exactly what Yvonne Campbell ("Other World Travel: "The Bucket List") will be doing, for a whole year, when she moves to Barbados.

Listen in on her Caribbean adventures as she shares with you the sounds and experiences that only Barbados can deliver.

During the episodes, you'll hear her talk with other tourists, hang out with holiday-makers and generally soak up the flavours of the paradise island.

If you have been dreaming of going to Barbados but can't quite make it out there, this fabulous travel show is the next best thing.

You'll hear everything from where to stay, what to do, and how to do it, when enjoying the ultimate Barbados experience.

From the makers of "Otherworld Travel: The Bucket List" travel podcast comes this new immersive show that promises to inspire your next paradise island visit.

If you love travel and you dream of going to Barbados whether for the first time, or for that long-overdue return, make sure you subscribe.

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Mar 5, 2021

Barbados is paradise.

This we already know.

But is it also eco-friendly, with consideration for sustainability? This is what we intend to find out during this episode!

During this episode, I, Yvonne Campbell, Barbados expert and travel agent, get investigative and try to discover what the options are for eco-conscious tourists.

I chat to Kyle Taylor, the owner of the Eco Lifestyle and Lodge and farm, who has has a business that produces water out of thin air!

I get the lowdown on the UN development programme, and the Blue economy, and tell you all about a very fruitful coffee morning I attended that introduced me to some fascinating locals who are involved in this very sustainability hot topic!

It's not all serious stuff though! It was my birthday last weekend. I'll share with you what it's like experiencing an anniversary away from home, on this Bajan paradise island.

Oh, and I got my first ever Barbados post! What a lovely surprise!

There's a special exclusive update from The Crane beach house, regarding testing, so I was excited to be able to bring you that news before anyone else!

We also hear from Sea Breeze hotel, about what they're doing to make sure they're considering sustainability at their resort.

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Did you manage to check out this one (all about weddings in Barbados) which we posted as a special Valentine's Day treat?

There was also this one which featured the full length chat with local surfing legend, Alan Burke.

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